As a Tenant

Search for the Right Rental Property – I could help!

Getting a lease property in Toronto is no easy feat! Low rental supply with increasing demand result in multiple offers and rising monthly rent for hot properties. Inevitably, landlords become more picky and potential tenants scramble to lease that condo apartment.

Many seasoned realtors do not like dealing with lease clients due small commissions. It is true, the amount of energy and time spent sometimes exceeds a buying deal.

However, I firmly believe everyone starts from somewhere. Not every house owner moved out of family homes straight to buying a property. Leasing is the baby step that will help you understand the housing market while gearing up to be a house owner.

As your realtor, I will walk you thru the step-by-step leasing process:

  • Preparation (gather commonly required documents)
  • Reviewing your Must-have’s vs. Nice-to-have’s
  • Shopping for property
  • Making an offer
  • Closing day

Leasing a property shouldn’t be harder than buying!

Let’s work together and get that suitable accommodation in the most efficient manner.